How can a dip tube prevent solvent abuse in aerosols?

At the moment, conventional spray pumps use fuels and propellant gases to create pressure within a canister or bottle in order to 'force' the contents out. Once these solvents or gases are inhaled, the mix gives an intoxicating effect and enables the user to reach a ‘high’. The effect these volatile substances have on the heart [...]

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What are the environmental benefits of Anyway® spray?

At present hundreds of millions of gallons of household and industrial chemicals left in the bottom of spray containers are being thrown into landfill across the world. Because Anyway® spray will remove the last drop from every container, this would greatly reduce the amount of chemicals being dumped. The product goes further which benefits both the [...]

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What are the practical benefits of Anyway® spray?

As it’s name suggests, Anyway® spray will work in any way. You no longer have to be a contortionist to clean your shower head! Spraying under the toilet rim or under the tap can now be done with ease. Anyway® spray will also allow you to remove every last drop from the container, meaning that your product will [...]

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Will Anyway® spray work with all products?

The Anyway® dip tube currently works with more than 95% of products on the market. It works with most household cleaning products and liquids, as well as the vast majority of beauty products such as perfumes and aftershaves. But in theory the Anyway® tube will work even with viscous liquids such as sun creams and oils as [...]

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My sunscreen already sprays at any angle. How does Anyway® spray differ from other products which do spray upside down?

Currently aerosol products such as fake tan or sunscreen which spray upside down use bag-on-valve technology. There are drawbacks to these solutions. Bag on valve technology is difficult to integrate into production lines and is expensive so is only found in products with a high market value, such as sunscreen. It is not viable for [...]

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How does Anyway® spray work?

Anyway® spray uses hydrophilic membranes (membranes that attract liquid rather than gas). Anyway® tubes are hollow, and because they are hydrophilic they only allow the liquid to pass through the membrane wall. When you apply pressure, the liquid is forced to flow through the wall of the membrane and up to the spray head, regardless of how [...]

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What is Anyway® spray?

Anyway® spray is a spray that works in any direction and removes every last drop from the bottle or can. Ever since sprays were invented almost a century ago they have suffered from two obvious design flaws; they won't work upside down and they won't remove all of the product from the container. By using [...]

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Why did you pitch Anyway® spray to the Dragons?

I decided to pitch to the Dragons for three reasons. The first was for access to their address book! They have a large network of highly influential contacts that will speed up this product’s time to market. The second was the rather obvious source of funding. The third was to show the Great British public [...]

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