Currently aerosol products such as fake tan or sunscreen which spray upside down use bag-on-valve technology. There are drawbacks to these solutions.

Bag on valve technology is difficult to integrate into production lines and is expensive so is only found in products with a high market value, such as sunscreen. It is not viable for use in products such as oven cleaner with a low retail price. Furthermore, a bag on valve solution is also not aesthetically pleasing, so couldn’t be used in a product with a clear bottle such as perfume. And it cannot be used in the 80 billion trigger and finger pump sprays produced globally each year as it just won’t work.

Some attempts have been made in the past to solve this problem for trigger and finger pump sprays but they have not met with great success.

You may think that aerosols spray work upside down. Not true! All that happens is the gas (which is usually flammable butane) escapes and the product stays in the can. The environmental and social impact of aerosol sprays is well documented, as aerosols use harmful VOCs as propellants. These gases are not only harmful to the environment causing global warming; they can also be harmful when inhaled which is classified as Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA). In the UK alone there were 57 deaths in 2007 from VSA.

Anyway® will work in all forms of sprays. It will work in Trigger sprays, perfume sprays, finger sprays and aerosol sprays. When Anyway® technology is incorporated within an Aerosol manufactures no longer need to use harmful VOC gases. Manufacturers use VOC gases because they have good propellant properties at low pressures. However VOCs are very damaging to the environment.

Manufacturers have been put off using harmless gases such as air or nitrogen because when the spray is inverted gas escapes up the dip tube. That means the can rapidly loses pressure and there is not enough gas left in the can to remove the remaining product.

Anyway® overcomes this problem. Because the gas cannot pass through the Anyway® tube, it can no longer escape it so the can remains pressurised.

The Anyway® spray can use compressed air or other harmless gases, meaning an end to the use of harmful VOC gases. It is also significantly cheaper than bag on valve technology and is capable of being used in all sprays, not just Aerosols with a high retail value. Finally, in production terms it simply replaces the existing dip tube with an Anyway® tube, so fits with existing manufacturer’s production processes.