DSC_5517 altered 4At present hundreds of millions of gallons of household and industrial chemicals left in the bottom of spray containers are being thrown into landfill across the world. Because Anyway® spray will remove the last drop from every container, this would greatly reduce the amount of chemicals being dumped. The product goes further which benefits both the planet and our wallet.

Did you know that every time you use an aerosol deodorant or spray you contribute to global warming?

This is because up until now manufacturers of aerosols have had to use butane to propel the product from the can. Butane is a VOC (volatile organic compound) that increases CO2 levels in the atmosphere causing global warming. According to studies, if in 10 years time manufacturers continue to use Butane in this way, aerosols alone will contribute more than 5% of all manmade VOC emissions.

When Anyway® technology is incorporated within an Aerosol, manufacturers no longer need to use harmful VOC gases which have both health and environmental implications.

Manufacturers use VOC gases because they have very good propellant properties. They have been put off using harmless gases such as air or nitrogen because when the spray is inverted, gases escape up the dip tube. This means there is not enough gas left in the can to remove all of the remaining product. Anyway® overcomes this problem.

Anyway® dip tubes are hydrophilic, meaning that they pass liquid in preference to gas. This means that the gases can no longer escape as they are unable to pass through the membrane.

There is already pressure from the legislators to move to less harmful gases in Great Britain, and in some parts of the world, such as California, VOC’s have already been banned from many household products. Anyway® technology could be the safe, simple, and environmentally sound way forward.