DSC_5513 altered 4Anyway® spray uses hydrophilic membranes (membranes that attract liquid rather than gas). Anyway® tubes are hollow, and because they are hydrophilic they only allow the liquid to pass through the membrane wall. When you apply pressure, the liquid is forced to flow through the wall of the membrane and up to the spray head, regardless of how you are holding the spray. So long as the liquid is in contact with any part of the membrane, it will always work.

Anyway® will work in all forms of sprays; trigger, perfume, finger and aerosol sprays. Anyway® technology also means that when it is incorporated within an Aerosol, manufacturers no longer need to use harmful VOC gases.

Manufacturers use VOC gases because they have very good propellant properties, but they are very damaging to the environment. Manufacturers have been put off using harmless gases such as air or nitrogen because when the spray is inverted, gases escape up the dip tube. This then means that there is not enough gas left in the can to remove the entire product from the container.

Anyway® overcomes this problem because the gas can no longer escape as it cannot pass through the membrane. Problem Solved.