Market Size: 2bn+ units per year globally

Market Value: €43bn

Expected growth: 3.6%


There are 4 major markets that would benefit from using Anyway Spray Technology within Perfume: Household, Health & Beauty, Industrial, Medical.

Consumer benefits:

  • Can remove every last drop of the product easily – research shows this is very important to consumers when purchasing high value goods
  • Useable in full 360° 3D orientation

Manufacturer benefits:

  • Capture consumers through truly innovative and unique packaging designs
  • Compatible with 100% of spray atomisers and perfume formulations
  • Easily integrates into existing production lines
  • Reduce overfilling requirements and product wastage


  • Perfumes & Aftershaves
  • Air fresheners
  • Hair sprays
  • Insect repellent
  • Sanitisers
  • Self tanning
  • Sunscreens
Anyway Spray PerfumeAnyway Spray Dip tube in a perfume bottle